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Education at the heart of what we do

Music Supplier is the instrument wing of School Supplier (schoolsupplier.co.uk).

Providing value and quality for UK education including Music Hubs, primary and senior schools.

Getting Instruments Into Education

Music is an essential part of a young persons education and well being. We want to support young people learning a musical instrument and ensure schools and music hubs are able to provide them with the instruments and support they need. 

That is why we have introduced the Instruments For Education Scheme. Every instruments purchased through Music Supplier has assigned points which can be awarded to the school or music support hub of your choice. The education facility can then redeem these points and swap for musical instruments that they require. 


How do Education Facilities Take Part?

To register your school or music hub to take part in the scheme, contact us, telling us the name of the education establishment, main contact (music co-ordinator or person responsible for procurement) and post code. We shall then send you leaflets which can be distributed to make your children and parent/guardians aware of the scheme and encourage them to ensure points are awarded to you. That's it, done! Now everytime a purchase is made, your education facility can start racking up the points and benefit from FREE instruments or money toward based upon accrued points.


How do I assign the points to my school when buying an instrument?

You have two ways of ensuring your schools is awarded the points:

  1. When buying online, at checkout simply enter the name of the school and post code and the points will be awarded. 
  2. When purchasing at the shop/showroom, tell us the name of the school and that's it! 


How do I know how many points my education facility have accrued?

We will keep the registered point of contact informed of progress. Or, the registered point of contact can request an update at any time. *Please ensure we are holding the right email address for the nominated contact so we are able to award the points.

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