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Tetra KEARL-23 Ukulele

Brand: Tetra

£37.98  £45.59

The Tetra KEARL-23 is the bigger sibling to KEARL-21.

Designed to provide a warm resonant sound, easy to play, suitable for absolute beginners and more advanced players.

The deeper mahogany body with rounded back helps provide the instrument with a bright treble range, a clean mid range and deep resonant bass. Built using a traditional Hawaiian manufacturing process which can be seen by looking inside the body.


The ukulele comes in a natural finish, finished with laser etched headstock. 

Easy & More Comfortable to Play

A common complaint from players using ukulele's with the more traditional square cut bridge is that the sharper corner rubs on the strumming arm. This is why the Tetra uses a lower profile, smooth bridge, making it more comfortable to play enabling the instrument to be played for longer periods. Being a smaller instrument, it can be difficult to hold chord positions within the 1st, 2nd and third frets. Being compared to it's competitors, the slightly larger are makes this easier to play. Being a quality body, the weight balance of the instrument is also good, making the instrument easier to hold. (Cheaper ukulele's have heavier necks meaning the instrument wants to tip in this direction)

The Ukulele comes pre fitted with strap buttons providing the option for a strap to be fitted, ideal for playing standing up.

Instruments4Education POINTS AWARD - 1


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