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Tetra KPH61S Digital Piano

Brand: Tetra

£84.96  £169.99

Designed to simulate an acoustic piano. Full size weighted keys with the ability to play using dynamics (the harder the pianist hits the key, the louder the sound) and sustain pedal making it a must for anyone wanting to learn the piano. *The touch sensitive keys can be turned on/off easily 

The piano has a built in rechargeable battery and comes with a carry case making it portable also.

Bluetooth connection make it possible to connect to bluetooth speakers as well as connect to apps for use as a midi keyboard. 

Keys have a none slip feel, again mimicking the feel of acoustic pianos with ebony keys.

The earphone socket makes it possible to play the instrument when volume is also an issue. The line in port makes it possible to play audio through the internal speakers.

Easily change instrument sound by holding the setting button and selecting the relevant key.

The perfect instrument for beginners and advanced players alike.

Instruments4Education POINTS AWARD - 5


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129 Tones,128 rhythms,30 Demo Songs,Digital display, Master volume control key,Tempo control key,Dynamics function ,Trans,Syncho, recording,full fingered and Reset, Dual Voice,dual keyboard,Bluetooth MIDI function,Can record, edit through software.  


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